Resident Evil

Resident Evil -  Xcape Singapore Real Room Escape Games  Bugis Village Season 2
The Government had developed biological weapons in the 80s under the project code “X” and built the X-Lab. In 1987, the X-Lab was closed and all the personnel working on the X project mysteriously disappeared. Thereafter all relevant information on the X project was filed and classified as Top National Secret. There are three passcodes required to open up the files, each passcode held by the President, Vice-President and the Minister of National Defence respectively. In order to counter the Company, Mr. President decided to reactivate Project X and specially task Hachi’s team to penetrate the X-lab. Will the Project X work? Why had Project X been terminated in 1987?
Difficulty Level:
Fear Factor: :
Recommended Team Size: 6 – 9 Persons
Maximum Capacity: 10 Persons
Age Limit: 14 Years Old OR Above. Players Below 14 Years Old Must Be Accompanied By Paying Adult of At Least 18 Years Old.
Special Notes: Sometimes it’s so obvious that you can easily miss it.
Skills Set: Team work, shooting skills, observational skills.